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Best Glass Toaster in 2020

  • Toast and bread is an indespensable part of the breakfast to many family. In order to prepare the best, many people have searched for different way to toast their bread evenly without burning it. That is when people adores the clear glass toasters design which allows users to see clearly inside progress.
  • Besides even heating, the sturdiness and long-lasting also varies from brand to brands in different price range.
  • The article would recommend your top 6 best glass toasters that get so many possitive reviews from users in 2020.

How to choose the best glass toaster?

  • First of all, you need to determine where to place the toaster in your kitchen. This is a simple but helpful step as it would reduce the inconvenience in searching, buying and using for you.
  • Next, you need to measure that chosen place to take the general idea of how large your toaster should be.
  • The third is about the glass toaster slots. Normally they come with 2 slices or 4 slices at a time. Choose the suitable size to use the best of it.
  • Don’t forget to check the ability to clean up your glass toaster. Each brand has different design for their products. The removable crumb tray is a must-have as it help you to clean the toasters properly and regularly. Other designs may suggest you with detachable or foldable glass door for cleaning. Remember that, for a glass toaster, it only look good when you can keep the glass clear for almost all the time.
  • Last but not least, the ability to toast is a necessary function to test. The Preset shades setting would save you a lot of time and burnt breads. Eventhough the clear glass can be seen-through but you don’t want to keep an eye on the toaster all the time.

Top 6 Best Glass Toaster

1.Comfee’ Glass window Toaster Oven Countertop


Rating: 4.3/5 stars – Amazon’s Choice – 3,700 ratings

COMFEE' Toaster Oven Countertop, 4-Slice, Compact Size, Easy to Control with Timer-Bake-Broil-Toast Setting, 1000W, White (CFO-BB102)
  • Space Saver - Compact and versatile design fits nicely on any countertop.
  • 3 Functions in 1 - Bake, Broil, and a Toast to satisfy your daily cooking needs.


  • Size: 14.6” x 11.4” x 8.0”
  • Slot: 4 slices
  • Power: 1000 Watt
  • Temperature range: 150°F – 450°F
  • Special functions: 30-minute Timer-Bake-Broil-Toast Setting
  • Accessories: detachable crumb tray, flexible rack positions
  • Year Warranty: 1 year product warranty

This oven offers 3 popular cooking functions – Bake, Toast and Broil, so you can choose toast to toast garlic bread or to make your favorite Bagels, English Muffins, and Waffles at ease. Moreover, the broiling feature is great for meat and vegetables. Not just bread, chicken Nuggets, Mozzarella Sticks, Egg Rolls, Mini Quiches or whatever you’re craving can be cooked by this glass toaster oven.

“The less is more”, with only 2 dials to control every function of this Comfee glass toaster. The upper dial controls the temperature and the cooking modes. The lower dial features the precise 30-minute timer with stay-on mode allowing for a longer baking time. You can also get the perfect toasted bread by selecting the browning levels you prefer.

You can keep the glass toaster oven clean with the convenient detachable crumb tray. Tilt the unit backwards slightly and push the dial on the tray towards the rear of the unit. The crumb tray will drop open and allow for cleaning.

Place food right under the broiler or make room for large items. The upper position is typically for broiling while the lower position is best for baking and toasting. High and low oven rack positions provide the versatility to have great results for all foods.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • 3-in-1 functions toaster
  • Transparent glass design
  • Interior light
  • Large capcity
  • Variety toasts shades
  • Only 1 see-through window

2.Dash DVTS501BK Transparent Glass Toaster


Rating: 4.5/5 star – 4,500 ratings

Dash DVTS501BK Toaster, 2 Slice, Black
  • MORE THAN TOAST: Defrost, Reheat, and Bagel one-touch buttons allow you to diversify your breakfast Extra wide slot makes toasting bagels, specialty breads, waffles, and other baked goods a snap
  • SEE THROUGH WINDOW: 7 browning levels and the clear view window allow for that perfect toast with every use; plus, the auto-shut off feature prevents overheating


  • Material: Plastic and Glass
  • Size: 6.6 x 15.7 x 7.8 inches
  • Slot: 2 slices | Fit long to bagel
  • Settings: Defrost, Reheat, and Bagel | Auto Shutoff
  • Cleaning: wipe clean
  • Year Warranty: 1-year warranty

7 browning levels toasting and the clear view glass window allow for that perfect toast with every use; plus, the auto-shut off feature prevents overheating

The Dash glass toaster comes with the design of a detachable crumb tray and glass window slide out for quick and easy clean up. The outer surfaces all wipe-clean.

With 3 simple steps you would have your toast in the perfect shade you love. First, inseart slice of toasts or bread and press down lever. Next, set preset or desired toast settings, The final step is to enjoy your bread with the favorite toppings that you like.

The Dash glass toaster is best for family or couples with the simple but sufficient features to daily toasting.

  • See through window
  • Recipe book is included
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Outer Glass doesn’t get hot when working
  • Compact design
  • Simple usage
  • No interior light
  • The toasts popup and may land on expected place

3.Hamilton Beach 31344D glass toaster oven


Rating: 4.5/5 stars – 4,200 ratings – Amazon’s Choice

Hamilton Beach 31344D Easy Reach With Roll-Top Door Toaster Oven 4-Slice Silver
  • Easy access to food and countertop. The roll-top door moves up and out of the way so you can have safe, easy access to your food before, during and after cooking.
  • Easy to keep clean. Door is up and out of the way of messy spills and drips.


  • Material: steel
  • Design: Roll-Top Door Toaster Oven
  • Size: 8.97 x 16.12 x 11.93 inches
  • Slot: 4 slices
  • Temperature range: up to 450o
  • Special functions: Bake, broil, and toasting | 30 minute timer | Auto Shutoff
  • Accessories: 2 rack positions rack and bake pan
  • Cleaning: removable transparent glass window and crumb tray for easy clean up

With 3 settings and a spacious interior, the Hamilton Beach glass toasters oven can accommodate the foods your family makes most: after-school snacks, slice of toast, frozen pizzas or homemade meals.

With the understanding, the toaster company add their simple adjustment to improve customers using experience. This glass toaster oven offers an innovative design that makes grasping and turning the control dials easy for anyone. The timer of the toaster knob includes a stop mechanism that makes the stay-on setting even safer.

You won’t find a design like the Hamilton Beach toaster oven with roll-top door anywhere else. Its unique and large opening makes food easy to reach and avoid droping crumb or food on the it. Even when food is sticked to the door, the roll-top door and the crumb tray are both removable for cleaning.

  • Easy cleaning
  • 3-in-1 function
  • Timer and Auto Shutoff
  • No browning levels setting

4.CUKOR 2-Slice Long Slot Toaster with See-through Window


Rating: 4.3/5 stars

2-Slice Long Slot Toaster with Window, CUKOR Bagel Toaster with Warm Rack and 7 Bread Shade Settings, Glass Toaster with Automatic Lifting, Removable Crumb Tray and Slide-out Glass Panel
  • BPA Free, Healthy and Safe: Interior made of stainless steel, with no plastic components. Proven safe with no odor during use. Quartz heating elements are deployed at the front and back, making browning even and fast. The bottom holes aid in quick cool down and increase lifespan of the unit.
  • Features include 7 shade settings, bun warmer, defrost function, and instant cancelling. From light to dark brown, from soft to crispy, make perfect toast for every family member. Two extra-wide slots, each 10” long and 1.5” wide, fit a variety of baked goods - bread, bagels, muffins, waffles, etc. Also includes a top rack to warm large pieces of food such as croissants and buns.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Design: Automatic Slow-Rising Slots 10” long and 1.5” wide | a top rack | Transparent Glass Window | Bottom vents and storage line
  • Size: 15.15 in * 5.4 in * 7.5 in
  • Slot: 2 slices and more
  • Power: 1200 Watts
  • Special functions: 7 Shade browning levels & Bun Warmer, defrost function, and instant cancelling
  • Accessories: 1 Warming Rack and 1 User Manual
  • Cleaning: removable crumb tray
  • Year Warranty: 30-day free return or replacement, and 18-month warranty.

If you always get a hiccup anytime waiting for your bread or toasts to pop up “suddently” from the toaster, you would love the idea of Slow-Rising Slots. The CUKOR glass toaster has automatic slow-rising slots so that your slice of bread will be brought up slowly and steadily – they will not get stuck in the device or pop completely out.

Everything is just simplified with this toaster. All you need to do is to select the shade setting and press the start button, the bread will sink into the slots automatically. Sliding glass panels prevent crumbs from getting inside the device. Crumbs will be collected in the bottom removable tray of the toasters. Simply clean the device by pulling out the tray and glass panels and wiping off the crumbs.

This is one of the best option for glass toasters in 2020.

  • Easy to clean
  • Warming rack
  • Slow-Rising Slots
  • Warranty policy
  • Only one color option
  • No interior light

5.Toaster 2 Slice, CUSIMAX Long Slot Toaster with Transparent Glass Window


Rating: 4.4/5 stars – Amazon’s Choice

Toaster 2 Slice, CUSIMAX Long Slot Toaster with Glass Window Bagel Toasters, Artisan Bread Toaster Stainless Steel Wide Slot with Automatic Lifting, Slide-out Glass Panel and Removable Crumb Tray
  • 【Visible Glass Window】 This 2 slice toaster has glass viewing windows on both sides, can see change of the shade of bread at a glance, plus the cancel function that stop the long slot toaster at anytime, you can decide the shade of bread according to your preferences. Fully brushed stainless steel and food grade tempered glass body, no plastic parts inside at all, let you use with peace of mind.
  • 【Automatic Lifting Lever】 Different from the traditional toaster, this Cusimax bagel toaster adopts the automatic lifting lever. You do not need to manually operate the raising or lowering of bread, take out the bread easily, not afraid of the bread falling down when it pops out. Heating with quartz tube, the bread can be evenly toast, effectively avoiding the imbalance.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 15.15 x 5.4 x 7.5 inch
  • Slot: 2 slices
  • Power: 1200 Watts
  • Special settings: 7 browning levels
  • Cleaning: a removable crumb tray and glass door design
  • Warranty policy: 18-month free return or replacement

This 2 slice glass toaster has clear viewing windows on both sides, can see change of the shade of toast at a glance. Moreover, the cancel function that stop the long slot toaster at anytime, you can decide the shade of bread according to your preferences and DIY your own bread style.

Cusimax bagel toaster adopts the automatic lifting lever, which allows you to get your toasts slowly and steadily lifted instead of suddently popped up. You do not need to manually operate the raising or lowering of bread, take out the bread easily.

This glass toaster uses heating with quartz tube, the slice of bread can be evenly toast, effectively avoiding the imbalance.

  • Easy to clean
  • Slow-Rising Slots
  • Warranty policy
  • Cord storage and heat emission hole
  • No warming rack above

6.Magimix Toaster Vision Cream 1450 Watt Toaster


Rating: 4.7/5 stars

Magimix Toaster Vision Cream 1450 Watt Toaster
  • Durable stainless steel with glossy cream finish
  • Four preprogrammed heat settings include Toast, Bagel, Reheat, and Defrost


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 7″ L x 15-3/5″ W x 8-9/10″ H
  • Slot: 2 slices
  • Power: 1450 Watt
  • Special functions: Four preprogrammed heat settings include Toast, Bagel, Reheat, and Defrost for different browning levels
  • Cleaning: Removable crumb tray and fold down glass window.
  • 3 Year Warranty

The transparent sides of this Magimix glass toaster are much more than a novelty. The ability to see exactly how toasted your slice of bread is at any given moment is invaluable.

Although, the glass doesn’t come out for cleaning but the glass sides can be fold down which allows you to clean. Moreover, the removable crumb tray is also helpful in cleaning. This is a nice feature.

This glass toaster comes with an elegant and simple design that would fit in any kitchen of the families. The stainless exterior has been fingerprint resistant, which is an appreciated quality in any stainless steel kitchen appliance.

The well-built sturdy design comes along with 3 year warranty from the brand, which is a plus point compared to other glass toasters on the market.

  • The glass does not get hot
  • Fingerprint resistant outside
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and elegant design
  • 3 year warranty
  • Relatively expensive


How does Glass toasters work?

  • Just like, normal toasters, they basically use heat to toast your breads. An advanced feature of glass toasters is the see-though glass window which allow you to observe progress and control the shade of your bread manually.
  • However, with the shade settings and timer, the clear glass is often just adding the stylish look to your toasters while the machine can count down by it seft to bring you the best shade of bread.

Is a toaster oven better than a toaster?

  • Toaster ovens are the machine that is more than just toasting your bread. They have more helpful features to add more cooking options into your meal. The more added functions means higher price as the machine bring more value to you.
  • A toaster oven is better an a toaster if all the adding function are necessary to you and the product comes with an reasonable price.

Which is the best 4 slice toaster to buy?

  • After collecting all the reviews from users about the best 4 slice toaster to buy, we suggest the Breville BTA730XL.

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  • Not only giving a stylish design device to decorate your kitchen, the glass toasters are truly your toasting assistant to create the best toasts in your own style.
  • The typical functions of thesedays glass toasters are clear windows, shades settings, even toast heating, and smart design for easy clean up.
  • The article would recommend your top 6 best glass toasters that get so many possitive reviews from users in 2020.
  • Hope that your have found a glass toaster for you and your family. Please leave any further questions below and don’t forget to follow us to know more about kitchen appliances.

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