Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven reviews
  • Nobody can deny the fact that air fryer oven is such an amazing tool for any homemaker. With the hearlthier life style today, air frying is an essential cooking technique that improve our food quality so much.
  • With this huge urgent demand for air fryer toaster ovens, many brands have came up with new and re-new version to satisfy our using experience. Thanks to the competitors in producing of brands, customers have so many option to consider.
  • For the medium price segment, Cuisinart is always on the check-list to see for buyer. The have useful functions, with different size for many preferences of people. Whether you are with a big family or live alone you would find an oven for yourself with Cuisinart.
Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven reviews
Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven reviews
  • Although each series have strong and weak points to consider, you would need to understand your own need to find the truly necessary features while accept the trade-offs on some others.
  • This article give you an overall view of all the best air fryer toaster oven from Cuisinart with the customers’ review. In the end, we suggest some tips for better air frying your food.

What is the best air fryer toaster oven?

  • “Which is best air fryer” is the common questions when people trying to choose among thousands of toaster ovens today. There are many options on the market but most of them are seperated into groups of:
  • Price
  • Size – capacity
  • Single function (only toast or air fry) or multi-tasking
  • Extra aids (interior lights, easy-to-clean, dual-rack, smart design…)
  • Durability
  • There are a lot more to consider when findind your perfect kitchen assistant. With good knowledge about this device, you may earn some extra time (for not excharge and return products) in you purchasing process.
  • Before reading the list, don’t forget to check the place you will put the machine after buying. It is important to know a few things in advanced:
  1. The measurement for the place: they are width, height, depth. Make sure you choose an oven that fits to the place.
  2. The kinds of food you like: this affect the choice of the main function (the function that works most efficiently) of your oven
  3. The amount of food you often cook: the capacity of the oven could handle different amount of food, so how much do you (and your family) need?
  4. You budget: this help you to give a range in advanced and be conscious while searching for your perfect oven without spending too much.
  • Have a look at the check list for air fryer toaster oven in 2020 and see what other users think and rate those series.

Check list for best air fryer toaster from Cuisinart

No. 4: Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Toaster Ovens TOB-260N1

Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef's Convection Toaster Oven, Stainless Steel
  • Spacious 0.95 cubic-foot capacity oven Fits 13" pizza and 9" x 13" baking pan
  • 15 cooking functions, including innovative dual cook, and speed convection.


  • Large capacity: 0.95 cubic foot of inside volume – among the biggest size of all Cuisinart toaster ovens.
  • User-friendly: Digital controls with large blue back-lit display and LED buttons
  • Auto slide-out rack: reduce the necessary action while cooking
  • Dual oven rack: with two racks instead of one can cook multiple trays of food on each rack.
  • Oven light: Glancing at your food while cooking without having to open the door and interrupt the cooking process.
  • Custom on the size of pizza: the program has size selection (up to 13 inch) for precise heating time and temperature based on diameter of your pizza.
  • Dual cook function: with this function you would have brown and crispy on the outside and smooth and moist on the inside! This can be applied for even fish fries.
  • Warranty: 3-year insurance for this air fryer toaster is a plus point. According to the brand, an updated version of warranty service program is announced from Cuisinart. The company will cover shipping costs to and from its service center if your model is defective under warranty. Please contact Cuisinart for details.

Not like:

  • Quality control panels: the letters on the function buttons labels are rubbed off after a short-time using.
  • Temperature may not be exact: this problem does not happen to every user.
  • Software error: People reports that after a short time buying, a sign stating “ERL Error” would appear with the automatic shut-off.
  • However, the good news for you is that Cuisinart´s customer support would help to fix these problems.

Final remarks:

  • The Cuisinart’s TOB-260N1 is definitely the Chef’s aids because of it large capacity with the dual racks. Even though there is not a specific function for air fry in this machine, customers share that they still can get the crunchy chips and fries by using this. Therefore, we still put TOB-260N1 in the 4th place of the list. For every homemaker to become a chef with multi-function it provides. Although there are some problems with the program of it, the 3-year warranty ensure your experience for a long time. Therefore, this is a good choice for big family who often cook variety of food.

Score: 4.5 out of 5 (Amazon’s Choice)

cuisinart air fryer toaster oven reviews

No. 3: Cuisinart TOA-28 Compact Toaster Oven Airfryer, Silver

Cuisinart TOA-28 Compact Toaster Oven Airfryer, Silver
  • Compact design takes less room on the countertop
  • Large capacity: airfries up to 2.5 lb., toasts 4 slices of bread, bakes a 3 lb. Chicken


  • Compact design: with a smaller looking, the Cuisinart TOA – 28 toaster oven is the smallest oven air from the brand. Despite the size, it still have the functions of other series (convection bake, convection broil, air fry, toast, bagel, Warm). This is a perfect choice for people living alone who don’t want to spend too much for the not-in-use space of an oven.
  • Large capacity: Small in size doesn’t need to be limited in capacity. The interior space is enough for four slices of bread or a chicken that weighs around 3 pounds.
  • Toast shade timer: You can the shade of toast you prefer whether you like dark, light or, medium toast.
  • Efficiency: Another plus point of the small size is the energy-saving. This is great for both your electric bill and the environment.

Not like:

  • No interior light: Unlike the other full-size Cuisinart models like Cuisinart TOA 60 or TOA 65, this one does not have an inside light for regular checking. However, with viewing see-through window, you can check your processing food with the light from outside (flashlight, phone-light…)
  • Not for pizza lover: you would find it impossible to cook a whole pizza inside because of it size.
  • Durability: Some users reported stickiness after various uses as well as some knobs breaking. This also happens with the TOA-60 model.

Final remarks:

  • This model is perfect for those small families and single people who are love variety of food and healthier diet by the air frying technology. With many function integrated, you can save place in your kitchen by using TOA-28 instead of an oven, an air fryer, a toaster. One of the most important point is that the price is affordable for tighter budget. Last but not least, this one does not have negative reviews in the temperature department.

Score: 4.3 out of 5 (Amazon’s Choice)

cuisinart air fryer toaster oven reviews

No. 2: Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer, Silver

Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer, Silver
  • 1800-Watts with 7 functions: air fry, convection bake, convection broil, bake, broil, Warm, toast
  • 0. 6 cubic foot non-stick interior with oven light. Dimensions (L x W x H): 15. 50 x 16. 00 x 14. 00 inches


  • All-rounded performance: work efficient and heat up pretty evenly from toast to chicken wings, pizza to vegetable.
  • Fast cooking: quick heating up and cooking. This is a plus point that appear in almost every comment of the users. It helps you to save up time and have delicious meals just by turning the Cuisinart TOA-60 air fryer toaster ovens on.
  • Standard size: toast 6 slices of bread, air fry 3lbs of chicken wings, bake a 12-inch pizza or roast a 4 pound chicken
  • Easy to use: Users have found this item very easy to use, just three dials to bake and air fry or the one for toasting. Even elderly users caught on very fast on how to use all the commands so you could consider to give this fryer toaster oven Cuisinart TOA – 60 as a present for your grandparents or young children for happy cooking time.
  • 3-year warranty: Although the common warranty time of many ovens brand offer the one year, Cuisinart has always provided quality appliances.

Not like:

  • Inaccurate timer of the oven air is a minus point. This may cause your food overcooked. The timer is mechanical, not digital, which is not so precise. Besides, the timer has 10-minute intervals with nothing in between. You may need to check this up regularly.
  • Not the best air fryer: some users reported that they couldn’t properly air fry things like donuts or full chickens. When the food loading is up to the top, the outcome seems to be uneven as well.
  • Durability: The knobs can be broken after a certain time of using.

Final remarks:

  • The Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven is the perfect appliance if you want a great toaster and convection oven with occasional usage for air frying. Moreover, the machine is considered as the best oven when it comes to large capacity and affordable price.

Our score: 4.4 out of 5 (Amazon’s Choice)

No. 1: Cuisinart TOA-65 Digital Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer, Silver

Cuisinart TOA-65 Digital Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer, Silver
  • Specially engineered 1800-watt motor, fan and heater deliver high-velocity, high-heat airflow for perfectly fried results with minimal noise
  • 0.6 cu. feet. capacity. Wide range of toaster oven functions: bake, broil, pizza, roast, toast, bagel, reheat, Warm, dual cook


  • Size: make larger batches and save some time with the TOA-65 toaster ovens very large interior space.
  • Variety: Besides the air fryer, this model has a wide range of toaster oven functions: bake, bake broil, pizza, roast, toast, bagel, reheat, warm
  • Dual cook: this function is helpful to prepare 2 kinds of food at the same time, which allows you to combine two cooking functions at two different temperatures consecutively.
  • Digital controls: Unlike the knobs of Cuisinart TOA-60, This is a special upgrade from the TOA-60 version that enhance the durability of the control panel.
  • Detailed preset for air fry: These include wings, veggies, snacks, and even nuggets or fries. You can customize the type of food, and the rest should be done by the fryer.
  • Easy to clean: With a stainless steel exterior that prevents the dirt from building up. Smart design of a pull-out bottom makes cleaning up and maintenance very easy. Users especially love this feature of the oven

Not like:

  • Hard to use: a few users find it difficult to use the functions of this air frying toaster oven. You would need to spend some time to get used to it.
  • Overcooking: Many users say they find the oven temperature is hotter than the figure displayed on screen of the control panel. You can choose the heat lower a bit than your necessary one to avoid overcooking your food.

Final remarks:

  • This oven is a good choice for a medium to big family who need large space for many kinds of food with the multi-functional preset. The design of this air fryer toaster oven is helpful to have double rack cooking and bottom pull-out for cleaning up. Even though some customers express their difficulty in using the oven, when you get used to it, all the functions are so helpful. This could be a great present for new married couples who love modern lifestyle, saving cooking time, and making many kinds of food at home. You could consider this model as the air fryer best machine if your budget allows.

Score: 4.7 out of 5.

What is the difference between Cuisinart Toa 60 and Toa 65?

  • Dual cook and dehydrate are the two extra features that only integrate in the Cuisinart TOA-65.
  • With the digital controls, and the metal knobs, TOA-65 minimizes a lot of problems of the control panels. Whereas in TOA-60 is often reported with the broken knobs because they are plastic.
  • The TOA 60 is simpler to use than TOA 65 (based on users’ reviews)


Is an air fryer better than a toaster oven?

  • It depends on your own demands of favorite foods and the machines of each brand. If you often love to have fried food, air fryer would satisfy you with the low-fat air frying meals. However, if you are fan of toast, any kind of toast, and you even have your own favorite shade of toast, you should find a toaster oven.
  • What happen if you like both of it? Don’t worry, the Cuisinart air fryer toaster suggested above should be helpful. Some homemaker would love to prepare a wider range of food (bake broil, air fry, …) please take a look at the list for microwave toaster oven combo.

Which Cuisinart Air Fryer is the best?

  • On the list above, we shared the 4 most preferable Cuisinart air fryers toaster oven with the real reviews from the buyer. If the budget is not a big deal, we recommend the TOA-65 for the best toaster ovens you may earn with modern updated technology.
  • There are a lot of users find the prices of the mentioned oven are high or they just do not need a combination with too many functions in one oven. We would love to help you with one more option (under $100). This is another product from Cuisinart which does not appear on this list above because it is mono-functional – only air frying.

Cuisinart AFR-25 AirFryer

  • It has simple design inside out. With a small but sufficient interior capacity, it is suitable for people living alone or couples with a tight budget and health lifestyle. This can cook up to 2. 5 lb. of food .
  • This air frying machine is very easy to use, just two knobs: temp and timer.
  • Fast cooking: Specially engineered motor fan and heater deliver powerful airflow and high heat
  • Includes: air fry basket and baking pan/drip tray
  • The minus point is the inaccurate timing and heating program. You may need to check your food to stop cooking at the right time.

Useful tips for air frying:

  • Don’t overcrowd the basket. I can’t stress this enough. It’s tempting to try to cook more at one time, but over-crowding the basket will prevent foods from crisping and browning evenly and take more time over all.
  • Shake the basket during cooking for fries, wings, etc. When cooking smaller items (chicken wings, french fries, and similar items), shake the toaster oven basket every few minutes to ensure even cooking.
  • Spray olive oil on your food before air frying would enhance the smell and flavor.
  • Check for the required heat of your food. Choose and take note the air fryer toaster that supports the temperature well.
  • Give your Air fryer toaster oven some space. It is important to have adequate space for air flow. Air Fryers can operate efficiently and avoid overheating in long run depends on your arrangement. Please leave 5 inches surroundings your oven. And never, ever place objects on top of your air fryer oven.
  • Make sure the basket is cool before washing. The basket is made from metal which will expand due to the heat increase. Therefore, under the heat of the air fryer toaster oven, the basket need certain time to cool time gradually. If you use the cool water to wash it right away after finish frying, the metal is forced to decrease the temperature too quick, which is the main reason for short-term damage. Please let it cool down before hit it with water.

cuisinart air fryer toaster oven reviews

To sum up!

  • When it comes to air fryer oven, there are a few brands that is known for such good quality on each price segment. For the medium price, Cuisinart is must-have for buyer.With useful functions, with different size for many preferences of people, you definitely find one for yourself. Whether you are with a big family or live alone, Cuisinart will satisfy you.
  • With all the reviews of customers from good to bad points of each series, you should take a step back to think clearly about your cooking habit and desire. Then, choose your suitable oven and start to cook your favorite food.
  • We hope that with the feedback and air frying tips above, you would soon master your cooking and enjoy all you favorite right at your home!

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