How to clean a toaster oven!?
  • If you are here, reading this article, we believe you realize it’s time to clean your toaster oven for some reason. It can be preparation for a special event ahead or you just suddenly remember that you haven’t cleaned the toaster oven for so long (or you have never done it before) or maybe you find your toaster too messy with all the crumbs from your last meals.
  • The toaster ovens is a appliance by which you prepare all kinds of food, from baking bread to cooking chicken at home. With some special recipes, the food and crumbs may cause more stains on the product surfaces than others. For a long time without cleaning, the air inside you toaster oven contains more and more bad bacteria. In order to keep the quality of you meal good and healthy, cleaning your toaster well should be added into the regular chores at home.
  • The more often you use it, the more time and effort you need for toaster cleaning process. Cleaning the appliances is not something new, but many users do it the wrong way. This article note down 5 steps to make your cleaning task much easier. Let’s go!

What is the easiest way to clean a toaster oven at home?

  • When searching for ways of cleaning your toaster oven, you may find not only one but so many tips to make cleaning easier. We cannot deny that these information are not affective at all for you appliance but the key for easy cleaning actually are quite simple – clean your products often.
  • After each time cooking, the small crumbs from food are there in your oven which grows bad bacteria and create harmful air inside. This is not new but normally ignored by many users.
  • Remember to plan for cleaning you toaster oven often to keep it dry and in good condition. This is the best way to use you product and create a healthy living environment and kitchen area.

5 Steps to clean your toaster oven

Step 1: Unplug and Choose a Location

  • First thing first, you need to unplug your toaster oven! The electric is super hazard when your appliances touch water. Make sure the heating elements and other parts are cooled down completely before you start taking anything out for cleaning. If they are still hot after you use it, just take time for it to release the heat. You don’t want to burn yourself and left the cleaning task undone. Small and important part!

  • Next, you should find a wide and convenient place in your kitchen to place your oven. Don’t keep you oven in the corner when cleaning because you may want to clean the outside too. Some people plan to clean the oven but end up making the whole kitchen a mess. So use your time to plan and choose a good location for the whole process.

Step 2: Remove all trays and racks

→Start With the Crumb Tray

  • Now it’s time to remove all elements of your appliance. You may see a lot of crumbs of food such as bread from your recipes when cooking. Check out the bottom. A lot of model now have the removable crumb tray parts to get away the small pieces of food to make clean toaster oven easy
  • Check out the oven list with crumb tray for easier cleaning in the recommended part later in this article.
  • Remove tray and other parts if possible. Then using your cleaner to gently try wiping them. If the grease are hard, you would love to have them to soak in soapy water. They will sure be gone after a few hours.

How do you get baked on grease out of a toaster oven?

  • For some special grease, they cannot be washed away by just simple cleaning. You may want to keep those in warm water and dish washer for certain time. Use warm water as it helps to melt down and soften those build-up greases.
  • Just leave them their waiting in the water and dish soap while we continue with the other parts.

Step 3: Wipe Down the Inside


Can you clean the inside of a toaster?

  • Yes. It is definitely something we have to do. Some interior parts of oven are made of stainless steel or nonstick coating ceramic which required careful cleaning.

  • After you remove crumbs from all the surfaces of your toaster oven. A sponge or soft cloth with a mild liquid soap and water solution, diluted vinegar or a non-abrasive cleanser would be used. Use a damp, soapy rag to wipe down the non-stick interior of your toaster oven.
  • Remember not to apply any washer or oven cleaner directly to the surfaces of your elements. Just spay them on the cloth or sponge and wipe away the grease and stains on the product.
  • Keep in mind the top of your oven is also really messy. Cleaning to top need a little bit patience. Turning your oven up side down can help in this case.

How do you clean a toaster oven with vinegar and baking soda at home?

  • Create your own cleaner mixture with the most familiar thing in your kitchen.
  • Prepare a bowl of 1/2 cup hot water and 2 tablespoons white vinegar or a little bit of mild cleaner like dish soap. This mixture can help a lot as vinegar is always used to erase the stains and grease on your toaster ovens effectively.


  • Before you do anything, check one more time to ensure the heating element is cool down completely. Wipe the length of heating elements gentle with water-dampened cloth. Make sure to let them dry complete after cleaning before you use the product the next time.

  • Don’t use the scouring pads to clean toaster oven as it may create small freckles that destroy the special coated layer of some parts. Soft and water-damped cloth or sponge is good to go.


  • Using the sponge to wipe on the glass. Don’t spray directly to the surface but to your sponge.

  • The thing that can irritate you the most is these greases on the glass door, which can be addressed with a baking soda and water paste, with the addition of a possible spritzing of vinegar. Let it work on your grease buildup and make sure to leave the paste sitting for at least a few hours (or overnight if you can). After the waiting time, you would find erase those so easy with no hassles at all.

Step 4: Remove trays and racks of the toaster from step 2

  • Now, get ready to use the damp sponge to wipe all the stubborn grease and stains on your tray toaster away. Thanks to the warm mixture of washer, these parts of cleaning us much easier.

  • If they are particularly dirty, try soaking them overnight and repeating the scrubbing process the next day. Make sure soft sponge is used and try not to scratch it. We know that sometime the hard stains could make you frustrated but patience will help a lot in this case to keep your home clean.
  • Dry completely with a clean, dry rag before putting them back in your toaster ovens.

Step 5: Clean the exterior of your toaster

  • After finish the interior of the toaster ovens, make sure to check and clean the outside as well. You need to know that once you cook something, you would probably touch the exterior surfaces when taking out the food. Not only inner but the air outside around your toaster ovens can affect the food hygiene.
  • Use a damp cloth and apply cleaning washer or dish soap on it. Then buff dry with a dry rag.

What is a self-cleaning toaster oven?

  • You must have heard about self-cleaning toaster oven. Even though it does sound appealing but it is not everything. For a convenient living styles today, you want to try out a new cleaning product that provide you the option like “self-cleaning” toaster ovens without spending too much energy on it.
  • Actually a self-cleaning toaster oven is one that has a non-stick coating on the inside, which definitely makes it easier to clean your toaster oven. However, your unit will still need to be emptied of crumbs and wiped down regularly.
  • In short, this kind of home appliances allow you to get your cleaning job done easier. Get used to the idea of regular cleaning is the ultimate option for best baking quality. The new design with these features helps a lot, so if you are planning to buy a new toaster for your home, just consider them too. You would see a lot of modern models with removable crumb tray with affordable price.
  • Check out our suggestion for Non-stick surface and Removable crumb tray toaster here!
  • What do you think after reading these 5 steps to clean the toaster ovens? It is not a difficult and hazard task at all if you follow the instruction. You can use the washer or homemade mixture for these step as we noted. You need to keep you kitchen clean to maintain high quality for your living environment. We know that it is impossible to keep it like new all the time, but at least you should plan your period plan for cleaning tasks.
  • Using toaster oven for baking and cooking food show its importance in today world which need fast and convenience. However, one thing to get noticed is that, you products only work effectively in the best condition when they are clean. You can easily see the benefit once you start to do it regularly.
  • Remember that the best way of cleaning your toaster oven is to do it regularly. As it prevent the remained food to build up on the surfaces of your appliances. Keep oven clean is the way to use it efficiently.

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